Zemenos is a small village situated at 800m height at the foot's of Parnasos Mountain , actually the half of it, and the other half at the foot of Kirfis mountain. This small village consists of 60 houses, scattered between fir trees in both mountains. There are a lot of paths to the mountains for the nature lovers . One of them is the path No 22.

A place which is an East-West passage and where many historic personalities have found themselves in, due to it being the ancient main road to the holy site of Delphi.

Moreover, the area is home to many antiquities and it was the location of the tragic story between Oedipus and Laios. It is also the site where the revolution against the Turks began in the Voiotia region. Finally the area has also identified itself with the Listokratia period (the battle of Davelis against Megas).

Zemenos means pine trees and a gorgeous natural landscape that draws you in with its magical atmosphere.

Discover the most authentic scenery in Hani Zemenou and let yourselves be carried away in an unforgettable escape with a traditional feel.

Situated only 5 km from Arachova and very close to the best organized Ski Center in Greece (33km), Delphi (15 km), the enchanting Galaxidi, Osios Loukas (15km ), Livadia and Antikyra, Hani Zemenou combines every wish you might have.

It provides traditional hospitality in a beautiful environment, cosmopolitan experiences in Arachova and endless skiing in the snow tracks of the Parnassus Ski Center.


  • Arachova                                          5 Km

  • Delfi                                                15 Km

  • Levadia                                           27 Km

  • Parnasos ski resort                          33 Km

  • Monastery of St. Loukas                 15 Km

  • Aspra spitia and Antikira Beaches    22 Km



At this location is situated the Chani of Zemenos, hidden within the high trees
At the basement you will find our Taverna - Restaurant who we operate all year.
At the first floor there are 10 hotel rooms with all the essential specifications for relaxing and wonderful nights.


At the Opposite of  the Zemenos Chani you will found the small but wonderful church of St. Athanasios.

Short Distances

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